• Data Center Solution

    Data centers are at the core of corporate and internet businesses and range in size from small rooms to purpose....

  • Education Solution

    Education Solution

    In this time, learning and the acquisition of knowledge in schools, colleges and universities....

  • Financial Solution

    Financial Solution

    Best solution to an ICT professional in the financial sector, best option is to work with a high....

  • Healthcare Solution

    Healthcare Solution

    Calwatt® provides an increasing patient safety and quality of care and addition to accelerate....

  • Heating Cable Solution

    Heating Cable Solution

    Calwatt electrical heating products offer a great combination of energy efficiency, comfort, safety....

  • Industry Solution

    Industry Solution

    Calwatt® provides the capability to combine the technologies such as copper, fiber optic, data....

  • Transportation Solution

    Transportation Solution

    Calwatt® provides quality Fiber optic cabling system, copper cabling system and electronic system....

Education Solution
Education Solution

Technology also plays a significant part in today’s teaching methods. Mobile classrooms, multimedia teaching material and networks interconnecting local education establishments many miles apart, all create a demand for very sophisticated data networks.

Calwatt® provides a high performance networking solutions to educational establishments for preparing students to connect the world of high technology communications where networks will play a role in almost everything they do.

With our extensive product range and experience you can have the technology requirements and standards. We will supply you with the right solution for your sector’s need.

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